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Birding For Everyone

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Birding For Everyone


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Among the fondest and
most memorable moments of childhood are the discoveries of songbirds
nesting in the backyard. The distinctive, mud-lined nests of robins and
their beautiful blue eggs captivate people of all ages. Likewise, the
nesting activities of house wrens, cardinals, chickadees, and other
common birds can stimulate a lifelong interest in nature.
Birding For Everyone
package provides you
with the information you need to start a fascinating new hobby that will
provides hours of joy for you and your family.

Common Birds of North America
is the
perfect beginners guide to identifying the most common birds. With this
illustrated guide you will be able to readily identify everyday birds.
The birds depicted in this book are valuable reminders. We need them; we
need the same clean and wholesome environment upon which they rely; we
must work to ensure their continued well-being (and that of other
migratory and non-hunted species) so that our own future can be assured.
You will find this guide to be your first step in appreciating the hobby
of birding.
As you learn to enjoy
the beauty of birdlife around your home, you may wish to improve the
"habitat" in your yard so that more birds will visit your property. It
doesn't matter where you live - in an apartment, townhouse or single
family dwelling, in the city, suburbs or country. Just stand still and
you'll hear them: wild birds. It is hard to imagine life without them.
And you can watch them just about everywhere. The most convenient place
to start is right in your own yard.

Habitats For Birds
tells you how to create an inviting
place for birds to visit and enjoy.

Now that you know how
to attract birds to your backyard and what birds you are attracting,why
not treat them to some bird cuisine that you can cook up in your own
Recipes For The
gives you 50 easy to make bird
treat recipes. Everything from bird cookies to bird salad, birdie
breakfast to bird pizza, you can create a cuisine that the birds will
just love!
Recipes For
The Birds
will make you the envy of the
neighborhood when the birds start flocking to your own 5 star restaurant
for the birds in your backyard.
As your appreciation
of birding grows, as we know it will, so will the need for more advanced
information on the different species of birds.

The Birding Manual
provides just that with over 700 pages of in-depth descriptions of every
North American bird.
Birding Manual
takes you from being the
casual backyard birdwatcher to becoming an avid birdwatcher. It won't be
long and you will be planning trips to bird sanctuaries and other parts
of the country, so you and your family can hone your birdwatching skills
The Birding Manual
will be one of the first things you will want to take with you.

Bird watching is one of the fastest growing
forms of outdoor recreation in the country. Each year millions of people
discover for the first time the joys of birdwatching. It's easy to
understand why. Birds are fun to watch. The

Birding For Everyone
is the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to get started. You
will receive immediate download in PDF format, which is viewable on any
computer, and you will be able to read it on your monitor or print any
pages that you may want to take with you on your next birding trip.




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