If you are seeing this suspension, then your account is almost shut down. Your have until 11/24

This is a very sad day for us. But the time has come at last.

We have been sending out emails for over 60 days,
to the hosting resellers, telling the the resellers that the hosting servers are shutting
down! Your hosting resellers might have ignored this, but believe me
your hosting is shutting down.

We have sent email after email to the hosting resellers - to the email address the reseller used when they setup the account.
If your email was not active, then you should have updated.

If your hosting reseller has not contacted you, then you should immediately create
a backup of your websites and move your account RIGHT NOW.

We have not made a profit in over 1 year, so we have no choice.
We have to shut down the hosting. Our time is over.

Because of competition, malware, spamming, etc... and no profit
the server is shut down.

You must immediately create a backup of your website (RIGHT NOW), UPLOAD your backup immediately TO A STORAGE DEVICE
for safe keeping. And then move your website to another hosting provider. If you don't know how to do this,
then you might try Fiverr.com for moving websites.

If you are seeing this page, then your account is suspended, then you know that your account has not
been moved YET and your account is still on the hosting server that is shutting down.

All accounts have become suspended.
If you see your account is suspended, then your website is still on the
hosting server that is shut down, but only active for a few more hours.

Create a website back NOW to move your account.

Please remember - you still have time to move your website if you do it right NOW!!!